Maximum Impact

Emerging markets are some of the fastest growing in the world, where rising consumer demand has spurred a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. They are smart, driven, deliberately thoughtful individuals dedicated to understanding the real needs and nuances of their regions, and it has been our experience that with sufficient capital and the right support, their venture ideas can become true engines of economic growth.

But that doesn’t preclude us from making AIM’s mission about more than enlisting the capital. Our best-practice-based operational model is designed in part to leverage the vast expertise of our seasoned investor matrix to 

For most angels, writing a cheque is a relatively easy task. However, for those who are looking for a more active involvement in the business that they are helping to finance, mentorship can be a viable option. Many angels feel that they would like to take up more active roles by helping to firm up the ideas of entrepreneurs. They want to be instrumental in bringing out good companies and helping them grow to a point of profitability.

Experience has shown us that to sustainably build the businesses that will help alleviate poverty and create prosperity, entrepreneurs in developing countries need both capital and operational support. As AIM-borne companies thrive, so do the portfolios of our investors ‐ enabling them to invest in more businesses that make more of a difference in improving lives and livelihoods across the developing world.