…for Doing Well by Doing Good

What is the AIM?

AIM removes the barriers to capital that inhibit entrepreneurs in the developing world from taking part in emerging economies.

We create optimal investment conditions for socially conscience angel investors to find, fund, and flourish with well-prepared business minds waiting for a chance to succeed. 

Together with a robust and highly impactful global matrix of the movers and shakers, we aim to bring the best ideas for a better world to fruition, and beyond.


Why AIM?

Access to capital has the power to turn entrepreneurial aspirations into market-ready realities  .

AIM empowers social entrepreneurs and impact investors to serve this end through joining forces in tackling some of the most pressing global inequities, while growing businesses and generating sizable returns.

If it sounds like a win-win proposition, it should; this is what we aim to do as an organization, and we do it well — and we do so by making it our mission to help our members do good.

Maximum Vetting

AIM leverages a streamlined, web-based investment platform and a deep pool of global market knowledge to create the conditions for the optimal growth of seed-stage startups and investment portfolios alike. Our field teams intensively vet entrepreneurs and their business plans, only ushering them into the matrix once we’re satisfied their ideas are sustainable, scalable, and impactful.

We also collaborate with public and private stakeholders stakeholders, to provide educational workshops for entrepreneurs, where they learn how to develop and pitch innovative, growth-oriented enterprise ideas aimed at benefitting the wider regional economy, and through our online portal we facilitate funder-founder mentorships, making it easy for AIM members to engage with one another for mutually beneficial gain.

Maximum Returns

AIM strategically connects entrepreneurial game-changers with game-changing angel investors committed to their success. Simply put, our proprietary approach to fostering startup communities and social-impact investment partnerships works — as evidenced by program-wide returns of a percentage unseen outside of the developing world.

Most seed-stage ventures considered by our members operate with little domestic or regional competition, and their margins typically exceed 50 percent. Ample opportunities exist for investing in businesses that take advantage of clear gaps in the market, are scalable, and that solve real world problems.



Maximum Impact

At its core, our mission is to combat poverty and foment sustainable economic growth in resource-constrained communities around the globe. Supporting entrepreneurial endeavors in these marginalized regions leads to simple but intelligent technology or agricultural solutions with the capacity to sustainably improve lives.

By increasing the flow of capital into developing countries, we catalyze a multiplier effect that begins with cultivating growth of small and mid-size businesses — the lifeblood of any thriving economy. That impact ripples outward, creating jobs, raising income levels and, ultimately, improving the quality of life throughout the entire region.


What’s up with Our AIM?

Angel Impact Matrix

Announces Leadership Transition

NEW YORK (March 23, 2017) — Rabia Tarkani, executive board chair of the Angel Impact Matrix (AIM), announced today that CEO Gavin Marsdale, after a successful 5-year tenure, will step down from the organization he founded half a decade ago in pursuit of new opportunities. Mr. Marsdale intends to focus on his business interests advising and investing in technology startups while dedicating more of his time to his family, which now includes a newborn daughter.

Marsdale first started AIM — a nonprofit angel network that connects social entrepreneurs with impact investors looking to make a difference in the developing world — as a project in his spare time, but soon sold his tech startup to dedicate himself full-time to scaling the organization to meet the needs of capital-starved regions across the globe. His vision has driven a mission furthered by dozens of domestic and international employees, hundreds of committed investors, and five nations of aspiring entrepreneurs taking advantage of AIM’s unique service model.

“It has been a profound privilege to grow and lead this organization to the point where it can continue to thrive without my direct involvement,” Marsdale said of his decision to move on.

“The recent launch of a new two-year strategic planning process presented the perfect moment for me to hand off the reins and focus on other priorities, secure in the knowledge that my ultimate passion project is in extraordinarily capable hands,” he added, noting he couldn’t be happier with his chosen successor, Julia Tam: “Under her leadership, AIM is poised to create even greater impact than ever before.”

Tam’s most recent work in the nonprofit sector includes The BOMA Project in northern Kenya. While there she played an instrumental role in developing the Rural Entrepreneur Access Project (REAP), which replaces aid with sustainable income and helps women to graduate from extreme poverty by giving them the tools they need to start small businesses in their communities. 

“Julia’s track record of strong leadership, innovative ideas, and extensive connections with community leaders and stakeholders in emerging markets will be vital to AIM’s growth and impact in the coming years, and we’re very excited to officially bring her on board next month,” Tarkani said, upon announcing Tam’s appointment this morning.

“I am both humbled and exhilarated to be building on Gavin’s groundbreaking legacy, which I personally saw in action while based in Kenya — and it has completely transformed entire villages,” Tam said. “Supporting AIM’s next era of innovation and impact will be a true honor, as well as a personal calling. And I am thrilled beyond words at having been chosen to lead such a truly remarkable organization of dedicated and talented people.”

Tam has expressed a deep belief in the opportunities AIM has to create real change in the countries and networks it serves throughout the investor matrix, noting that she is “deeply committed to joining forces with my passionate and motivated colleagues in this time of exciting change and growth. I look forward to working with Rabia and senior management in providing leadership worthy of Gavin Marsdale’s accomplishments and I unequivocally recognize the vibrant future for our international social-impact movement.”

Where Do We AIM?